#2. The Problem With Sokoto

First things first, let's face it; it's a state many people don't even remember when listing all the others. Secondly, the weather is absolute crap. It's hot and dry and sleepy and dusty and irritating. For people like myself with soft skin and "sweet blood" (weird, right?!), it is absolute torture. Standing outside for more … Continue reading #2. The Problem With Sokoto


Love Trilogy (Part I)

Intro: I recently wrote three separate poems, only to realize later that they were basically the same poem! Enjoy.   23-08-2011 I'm not a real girl; flighty, honest, lacking in womanly wiles.   But   I love like a woman. Fiercely, sacrificially, open, fragile.   Jealously, possessively, Make me your all and only.   Pushing … Continue reading Love Trilogy (Part I)

#1. The Little Things

I remember being with this guy and fighting about the same things over and over. My complaint was that it felt as though he had something to hide and his allegations were that I was paranoid and difficult. All that aside, though, we found a way to trundle along happily enough. One night, however, my … Continue reading #1. The Little Things