When Does the Crowd Come Back?

Ripples 1 AA11

You know how when you’re at that stage, that truly special stage? All you can see is each other, no one else exists. Even in a crowded public space, no other eyes catch yours; invisible strings pull you two to each other, opaque walls block off all else.

All you see is each other.

When does the crowd come back? At what point do you suddenly catch flashes of colour in your peripheral vision, at what point does it occur to you that there are more people in the world?

Why does it happen? Boredom? The devil? Some nameless, animal itch that can’t be stopped? Or is it pride? Your ego just won’t let you prostrate before another. You resent his/her hold on you, feel you deserve to have more than just one person fawn over you.

At what point does the crowd come back?


Zero Rivalry

Lightbulbs around the sun.
My eyes; raised up.
Heart; lifted and open.

Your face darkens
and I see the shadows
of fear and worry.

You forget
that you are the sun.
And all the lightbulbs can die.