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Against Survival Instincts

dewy bud,
petals fragrant,
thorns soft, friendly.

claws retracted,
growl turned to purr
teeth harmless.

rusty with oblivion,
chamber unloaded,
bullet; Cupid’s arrow.

frown upside-down
mood; post-coital,
heartache free to enter.

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To be honest, I haven’t been able to muster up enough courage or joy to post about the things I love.
Everyone is going on about the fuel subsidy removal and I feel lost and even more confused. Does no one else see? Is no one else bothered?
This country is a shambles and no one seems to mind.
What about all those who’ve been killed? All those who are still being killed? All those who will be killed if nothing is done asap??!
The fuel subsidy removal cannot affect Nigerians if they are dead.
Just thought to ask out loud.