15-11-10 Rip something apart. Scream! Run, don't stop. Take flight, against the wind, punch a hole through your heart. Curse, Yell; I fuckin' hate you! Then break down and have you hold me forever.


The Best Word Ever Invented!

Let me take you on a short mental journey. Imagine a desert on a hot afternoon (are there any cold afternoons in the desert??). Anyway, picture a little oasis deep in the heart of said hot desert. Sand dunes all around, rippling gently like they seem to in the movies. A group of Tuaregs, heavily … Continue reading The Best Word Ever Invented!

A Life Less Ordinary: Thinking Thinkings

28-05-2012 Being that I refuse to blog anonymously, it follows that my hands are tied when it comes to relaying detailed gossip about all the colourful characters in my life. Well, some kind of compromise will have to be reached as I've been feeling a tad bit... shall we say stressed out? about life in … Continue reading A Life Less Ordinary: Thinking Thinkings