Rip something apart.
don’t stop.
Take flight,
against the wind,
punch a hole
through your heart.
I fuckin’ hate you!
Then break down
and have you
hold me forever.


The Best Word Ever Invented!

"Hey, this weed is the ish mehn..."

“Hey, this weed is the ish mehn…”

Let me take you on a short mental journey. Imagine a desert on a hot afternoon (are there any cold afternoons in the desert??). Anyway, picture a little oasis deep in the heart of said hot desert. Sand dunes all around, rippling gently like they seem to in the movies. Continue reading


The Hairy Leg Day

Thursday morning.

So I woke up this morning around 4:30, for some strange reason, and the first thought that popped in my head was, “I dreamt something. What was it?” Now this happens to me a lot. I almost never remember my dreams.

Anyways, I sleepily clung to the vanishing traces of said dream… and I remembered!

The Dream:

(By the way, I lurve The Dream)

Apparently, my mom read my blog and sent me an email of her thoughts, in bold underlined size 12 font. OK. Weird. Not only that, but there was something about a guy i seemed to be waiting for while I read the mail… And, get this, I think I was lounging around in some kind of trailer park in the middle of the night!

Hmmm. Good luck interpreting that one, I dare you!

So I cozied up with my lovely self once more and properly woke up at the more normal time of about 6:00am.

I got ready and left the house around 6:45 in a half daze, got to the office to find that I was the first one there, apart from the guards, who pretty much come with the building. Finally got a full look at myself and watched my shoulders droop as I took stock: hairy legs, oily face, eyes still asleep, mind and soul far, far away, not 100% sure of the outfit I had on…

Perfect description for this kind of situation; the hairy leg day.


MissMeddle is a year on the 18th of June. Just saying thanks to everyone who ever bothered to visit, even if you were misdirected, redirected, BORED or plain old lost. Mwah!




Special shouts out to my Office Communicator Pal (OCP) who makes me actually look forward to turning on my system every morning 😛


A Life Less Ordinary: Thinking Thinkings


Being that I refuse to blog anonymously, it follows that my hands are tied when it comes to relaying detailed gossip about all the colourful characters in my life.

Well, some kind of compromise will have to be reached as I’ve been feeling a tad bit… shall we say stressed out? about life in general recently and must vent if I still want to live.

So then, suffering from the intense heat in this weird place, missing my girlfriend (Dahling) who usually suffers all such downpours of gist, and also being just a tad bit homesick (tell my family I said that and I will beat you up), I recently made the mistake of telling someone about a… MAN. Yes, I did. Sigh.

Anyways, so I told her about said MAN, how it’s nothing serious or official and how it doesn’t need to be. I’m basically just enjoying the great sense of humour and interesting company he’s offering, to hell with pressure of any sort. Even a race horse gets to rest between runs, jare.

So off she goes, pouring the fire, brimstone and damnation speech down my throat with a funnel. Now, I found this annoying on many levels.

1. I am not the type to employ the services of a town crier whenever I break a fingernail. Why, oh whydid I go and blurt this out?

Cartoon image of a fish created with Painter I...

2. She indirectly started knacking around the MARRIAGE nail. Oh-kay. Let me stop you there. I will promise myself to a man when and only when I am ready. My readiness will be judged by myself and myself alone.

Anyways, after reading a bit of T.Notes, L.Chantay and of course, The Naked Convos, I came to realize that I am not mad; the same thing that is doing me exists in different shapes and sizes and is industriously doing lots of other people as well.

Apart from all that, though, there’s the panic that springs up on me when I realize that I am holding down an actual office job and stand the risk of being stuck with it for a while, sitting at a desk all day as far as the eye can see. Truly scary.

It’s time, jare. Time to explore. Life. The world. Possibilities. Me.

Cheers, darlings.



I cannot say this enough; don’t do what others have done just so you can feel like you belong. Conformity is highly overrated. Strive only to achieve a state of maximal YOU.


Off The Top of My Head

So I just realized that this blog will soon be a year old and all I have to show for it is twenty-something measly posts. I heartily apologize for this and promise to strive to do better, if at all this blog survives…
Another thing I’m not happy about is the fact that I never truly just relaxed and spoke my mind in any of these posts. That too will change, hopefully.
Also, may the souls of all who died today in Ghana, Lagos and Bauchi find eternal rest in the Lord. Amen.