I recently promised the guy in question that I would finally man up and post this, even though I wrote it ages ago. Enjoy.


Intrigue. That’s the word that comes to mind for me; it was intrigue at first sight. We were at the zoo. I was waiting for my boyfriend, staring down at the crocodiles, when I looked up and saw him. I smiled to myself because a thought had just crossed my mind; why did I have to be waiting for my boyfriend?

There’d been another guy at the crocodile pit, and we’d all been engaged in an argument about whether they were crocodiles or alligators. He had stopped to answer a call, and my boyfriend soon showed up. That was it. Continue reading




Let me be
Your coke.
Breathe me
Into your system.
Let me course through
Your veins
And leave you…

Let me be your
Draw me into your
Very soul
Let me fill your
Head and heart,
Blur the edges of
Your pain.

I am your
Use me
Anyway you want;
Behind closed doors,
In soft-lit rooms,
With happy-music playing.
Take me into you.

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Enjoy the weekend, darlings! 🙂

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