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English: Tiger Playibg in the Pilibhit Tiger R...
There’s a tiger in my bed…


Decisions are always hard to make. Never let the fear of the unknown, low confidence in your own capabilities, or procrastination cripple your chance of finding inner peace and becoming the best you there is. Now, this is one of my poems that I absolutely cherish. Hope it “makes sense”.

Enjoy! 🙂

Tigers & Whispers                                                                                                           25/05/2009


There’s a tiger in my room.

I am victim;

watched, trapped.


There’s a tiger in my bed.

We grapple and fight;

sleep is elusive.


There’s a tiger in my heart.

Wreaking havoc;

waves of confusion and doubt.


There are whispers in my soul.

Rising, suddenly;

screaming in the silence of my despair.


There’s a tiger in me.


past, present and future.

Spill the tea, sis.

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