The You That Only You Can Be

Ok, three things.
First, I am truly sorry for neglecting you all. I am crying tender tears, my heart is heavy, my bladder is full, etc, etc. Sha find it in your respective hearts to forgive me. I promise to TRY and put up a “real” post soon.
Secondly, yes, Usher is indubitably hot, but that is not the point. Pay attention.
Finally, even though I kinda say this a lot, let me repeat: you only get one life. Please don’t waste valuable time trying to be more like Mr. A, or less like Miss B. Jeje-ly amass courage unto yourself, dive into that part of you that only you can unlock, and work towards being the best possible version of yourself there is.
Having said that, let’s hook up on Twitter @msmeddle, or go on to Facebook, look up the MissMeddle page and hit “Like”. Great love awaits us.
Cheers! šŸ™‚

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