Of Contests And Self-Doubt…

For many years now, since I was in Uni, I have told myself to enter writing competitions. It’s the done thing; I’d get a little more exposure, lots of productive criticism, much needed practice and almost guaranteed improvement… Not to mention, if the judges were, say, celebrating New Year, they could be properly intoxicated by all the right substances and actually allow me win!
But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. For quite a while now, I have bookmarked competition sites and told myself I’d enter… Check my phones and see; its a wonder I still have space to add new bookmarks.
The thing is, I always, but always have one flimsy excuse or other to give myself. The result of this is that I have NEVER participated in any kind of writing contest. Well, since I recently survived the end of the world, and have just a few days to the end of the year, I decided to bite the bullet, jump the gun, take the bull by the horns, weather the storm, peg the hole…and what have you.
So I finally entered one. Special thanks to Jaywriter, who egged me on and stayed up till about 11:30pm to ensure I posted it.
You can read the story here
Shards of Love

It’s not entirely fiction *wink wink*

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Denial (Not Just A River In Egypt)


Withered rose (Photo credit: Judy **)

I should let you go…

I sleep alone

even when I sleep with you.

I should let you go…

but I probably won’t.

Serena opened her door and froze for a few minutes, trapped in the sunlight streaming in around his silhouette. Steve!

“Steve?”, she heard her voice croak. Saw herself move aside to let him in.

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