Black Cocktail

Black Coctail

Black Coctail


as a moth…
Fly out of me
as I, too,
yearn for release.

like the dead…
Call out to heaven
as my soul, too,
calls out to be rescued.

as ink…
Stain the page
as my blood, too,
is stained.

I’m yours;



Focus on all the positives even when life throws you so many lemons, you’re tired of drinking lemonade… Remember, it could be much, much worse. You’ve so much to be thankful for and have got lots more to give!
Have a great week ahead, y’all.

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Hot As Ice

It's the picture of Italian ice-cream in a sho...

It was one of those hot, sweaty, noise-filled afternoons at Epic Bank. There were several harassed-looking slices of humanity jostling around the Personal Account Managers. This fancy name just meant that Henry and his two colleagues had to deal with every question, complaint and JAMB scratch card sale in the branch.

Henry was hungry. More importantly though, he was bored. Bored in 3D. He had been taken up into the jaws of Boredom, casually masticated, then spit out as a confused being too tired to even ask questions…

“Ha much is de JAMB form?”, one young smallie asked.

Henry looked up and the first thing he noticed was the mole nestled right in her cleavage. His reaction was purely visceral. All the hairs on his entire body stood up and answered “Present”. He must have gasped audibly because she was giving him a very strange look. Henry gazed at her mole, transported back in time to another cleavage, another mole, another girl. Continue reading