Hot As Ice

It's the picture of Italian ice-cream in a sho...

It was one of those hot, sweaty, noise-filled afternoons at Epic Bank. There were several harassed-looking slices of humanity jostling around the Personal Account Managers. This fancy name just meant that Henry and his two colleagues had to deal with every question, complaint and JAMB scratch card sale in the branch.

Henry was hungry. More importantly though, he was bored. Bored in 3D. He had been taken up into the jaws of Boredom, casually masticated, then spit out as a confused being too tired to even ask questions…

“Ha much is de JAMB form?”, one young smallie asked.

Henry looked up and the first thing he noticed was the mole nestled right in her cleavage. His reaction was purely visceral. All the hairs on his entire body stood up and answered “Present”. He must have gasped audibly because she was giving him a very strange look. Henry gazed at her mole, transported back in time to another cleavage, another mole, another girl.


He stopped in front of the branch one evening to use the ATM before going home and he stood behind her, waiting his turn. When she was done, her ATM card fell to the ground and she bent to pick it up.

“Ha-ah, why are you staring at my ass?”

This particularly startling question she asked while still bent over, turning back to smile at him. Henry stammered and felt the sweat pour out of him. The minute she’d asked that, his eyes had become fixed on the ass in question; it was instinctive.

She straightened up and laughed at him then, giving him her hand and introducing herself. She gave him her call card and sashayed away, confident that he was watching in ass-awareness.

Later, when they’d begun dating, she confessed to him that she had dropped her ATM card on purpose; just to flirt with him.

Anita was like that. Bold. Wild. Cocky, almost.

The first time they “made love”, he barely touched her before it was all over; he couldn’t control himself. Laughing and hugging him, she assured him that it was OK; she would destroy him the next time.

She always kept him on his toes. They could be chatting about the weather on bbm when suddenly she would send him a picture of herself; near-nude, ridiculously sexy, her confident, challenging eyes causing him to explode. Imagine, remote explosion!

If blue balls could kill…

True to her word, when next they “met”, she was determined to make the most of it. She went down on him till he climaxed, then told him to rest awhile. They took separate showers. When he came out from his, the room was dark, lit only by two scented candles. She  asked him to lay down, then got a bowl of chocolate ice cream and two scoops.

If the general public knew the various other uses of ice cream, it would be sold in dark alleys with a Federal Ministry of Health warning. Honestly.

They kissed with chilled, sweetened tongues, licking the cold chocolate off each other, the heat they created causing the icecream to melt mere seconds after making contact with skin.

He dribbled a little of the melting confectionery between her legs and had himself a snack. Yes, these Supreme people really knew how to make ice cream…

He only paused for breath when her moans had reached a crescendo and he was sure she had shredded the sheets from clutching them so hard. She was pleased, but at the same time needed to show him who was boss.

She pushed him onto the bed and went to work; enlightening him on the erogenous zones of the human body of which he was as yet unaware. She used him that night, shamelessly and with wild abandon until they were both spent and groggy.

Just before he’d floated off to sleep, he had shifted his head lower on her chest, just enough to kiss the small mole in between her breasts…

Sighing deeply, Henry roused himself from his reverie and returned to bankerdom; handing out a JAMB scratch card to Mole-Girl.


Happy New Year. Let’s all work towards making a few of our dreams come true this year.




13 thoughts on “Hot As Ice

  1. 1. Nice story. But why should Henry be fantasizing in the bank and no one slapped him out of his reverie?

    2. I’m eating Vanilla Iced Cream right now. 😉

    3. Ice cream is good sex ‘food’, but It requires pre-planning. One can always keep Bailey’s Irish Whisky at home. Use it with some ice cubes from the refrigerator for similar great sexual orals. It can get you tipsy too, which is always great while gbainshing. rme

    4. “If blue balls could kill” – Well, I won;t be getting blue balls from this story. :p

  2. This is really good! Lots of guys write R27 stuff and don’t pay attention to language. You’ve handled both quite well. Nigerian girl toh bad!

  3. Ice cream!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jus reading this a year later. Bhet there’s one bloody ice cream shop I love going to – you get to request those made with alcohol – absolutely wonderful. Ooh la la…that’s the name.

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