Of Vacations And Nothing In Particular

Sooo, that was how I went on a short vacay, determined to look for play under every rock and around every corner. I forgot one important fact though; all good things must come to an end.
Sadness 😦
Anyway, I’ve a few precious hours left and have resolved to extract the most out of them.
Let’s run through a few high points of my break, shall we?
β€’First, and most importantly, I got to STAY AWAY FROM THE OFFICE!!! Whew. Words cannot begin to convey the happiness of this.
β€’I got to wake up around 8am every morning! This statement feels so good, I just want to cuddle up to it… Till 8am tomorrow! πŸ™‚
β€’I also got to see family and friends and laugh that much more than usual.
β€’This one is a good one: I got to see rain! ‘Cos who knows when the first rain will fall when I get back?
I’ve some pictures to share with you, if only my phone would stop embarrassing itself. Hang on, lemme fiddle around with it (heehee)…
There we go!

Forgive the image size and whatnot; it was either post from my phone, or not at all.

Enjoy the beautiful gift that is Easter; Jesus lives! Trust in the bigger picture, whatever you’re going through πŸ˜‰

Cheers, darlings :*




How I felt, counting down to the break :)

How I felt, counting down to the break πŸ™‚

Dear friend and I

Dear friend and I



Tea and honey :)

Tea and honey πŸ™‚

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9 thoughts on “Of Vacations And Nothing In Particular

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  1. welcome back… wakin up b4 5am
    takin me brkfast @ 11am
    closing by 7pm
    i fink i also cant wait 4 my 21+ 5 days to get refresheeeeeeeeeeeeeed.
    barka da zuwa…. hope u came back wit lots of alewa(swt)

  2. lol…Your feet? How come they look like a baby’s? Oh…maybe its the perspective that’s messing with my focus.

    You do tea and honey (without milk) too? So do I!!

    I so love tea with honey…other times with lime or lemon.

    The second photo does look like you…if you got fatter and wore a fake biabia…

Spill the tea, sis.

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