The Professionals



“This girl, you keep trying me, abi?” Dave asked, looking down the proffered cleavage.

Angela laughed teasingly, still using her arms to push her breasts together, a coquettish smile playing on her pretty face.


Dave swallowed desperately.


“I do it because I know you can handle it. You’re a biiig boy.” She whispered the last part meaningfully, licking her lips a little bit.

Omo, Angela’s heart pounded in her heaving chest. They had flirted a little bit before, but nothing like this. Today’s own was different. What scared her was how much she was enjoying it. She felt empowered, in control. She could see him struggling to find saliva to swallow.

“Dis geh… I go clear your doubts o, one time!”, Dave made to walk past her desk, hoping his excitement wouldn’t show too much through his pants. Continue reading


The Hook Up


That damn alarm just kept ringing. When it had started it had sounded so far away it could be mistaken for the neighbor’s. But now it got closer and closer there was no doubt it was his.

With a grunt and a curse, Caleb reached out and turned it off. He was tempted to throw it against a wall but it was his phone. Money was kind of tight these days so having to get a new phone was not on his list of things to do.

He lay there staring at the ceiling for a while. The whump whump of the fan as it spun was slightly hypnotic. He lay there reflecting on what his life had now become. Once an up and comer in athletics, Caleb was widely tipped to be an international sensation. Then his knee gave out at a track meet and that was it. He was now reduced to the mundane tasks of a boring office job – something he had always dreaded growing up. But, hey, it paid the bills and he was glad he had a job to go to.

He finally got up and after brushing his teeth, jumped into the shower. He stood under the cool spray and tried hard to remember his dream. He always remembered his dreams. That was why this was upsetting. He knew it was a good one too. Oh well.

The drive to work was always the same. Traffic. He didn’t mind though. He liked to observe people battle the hectic traffic as he drove to work. It wasn’t that much further to his office anyway. He drove into his office complex and parked in his favourite spot; in a corner and out of sight from the office windows.

He walked through the giant office space towards his desk, which was-surprise surprise-in a corner at the far end of the open office space. He wasn’t originally assigned this space but through a series of bargaining and pleading he had wormed his way to the corner. Now it was his private kingdom. From this point, he had a good view of the whole office: the boss’s office, the main entrance and…

‘Hi, Caleb!’

The voice snapped him out of day dream. He realized he was standing and smiling at his desk in a weird way. Oh that voice! That voice that made the blood rush ALL over him with even the slightest “hello”. The owner of said voice was none other than Mellissa. Beautiful, sweet Mellissa. Continue reading