The Hook Up


That damn alarm just kept ringing. When it had started it had sounded so far away it could be mistaken for the neighbor’s. But now it got closer and closer there was no doubt it was his.

With a grunt and a curse, Caleb reached out and turned it off. He was tempted to throw it against a wall but it was his phone. Money was kind of tight these days so having to get a new phone was not on his list of things to do.

He lay there staring at the ceiling for a while. The whump whump of the fan as it spun was slightly hypnotic. He lay there reflecting on what his life had now become. Once an up and comer in athletics, Caleb was widely tipped to be an international sensation. Then his knee gave out at a track meet and that was it. He was now reduced to the mundane tasks of a boring office job – something he had always dreaded growing up. But, hey, it paid the bills and he was glad he had a job to go to.

He finally got up and after brushing his teeth, jumped into the shower. He stood under the cool spray and tried hard to remember his dream. He always remembered his dreams. That was why this was upsetting. He knew it was a good one too. Oh well.

The drive to work was always the same. Traffic. He didn’t mind though. He liked to observe people battle the hectic traffic as he drove to work. It wasn’t that much further to his office anyway. He drove into his office complex and parked in his favourite spot; in a corner and out of sight from the office windows.

He walked through the giant office space towards his desk, which was-surprise surprise-in a corner at the far end of the open office space. He wasn’t originally assigned this space but through a series of bargaining and pleading he had wormed his way to the corner. Now it was his private kingdom. From this point, he had a good view of the whole office: the boss’s office, the main entrance and…

‘Hi, Caleb!’

The voice snapped him out of day dream. He realized he was standing and smiling at his desk in a weird way. Oh that voice! That voice that made the blood rush ALL over him with even the slightest “hello”. The owner of said voice was none other than Mellissa. Beautiful, sweet Mellissa.

He turned around.

‘Hi, Mellissa. You have a good night?’ he slightly stuttered.

‘Yeah I did. Quiet night in with a movie. You?’

‘Pretty much the same. But I watched football instead.’

‘I bet you did.’ She said and smiled. What a smile! ‘Well I’ll see you later.’ With that, she walked to her desk which was closer to the middle of the room.

Caleb stood there for a few more seconds just watching her walk away. He wasn’t alone. Most of the other men in the office had their eyes on her too. She truly was something. Just thinking of her did things to him. Unspeakable things. He looked down and realized he was a little hard. He sat down quickly before anyone else noticed the bulge in his pants.

But his mind was not off Mellissa. There wasn’t just one thing about her. There were several. She had these deep brown eyes. Nice full lips; but not too thick. He often looked at those lips and imagined them around his member. She wasn’t too tall, had a nice set of boobs that always looked so perky and ready to be sucked. He wondered if she was wearing a bra now. Probably didn’t matter. They would probably stand perky in a wind storm.

There was no doubt she was one of the most beautiful girls he had ever seen. But that still wasn’t it. It was her sexiness. She just oozed it. Even in the little things she did. She could drop her and bend to pick it up and it would be sexy. Hell she was probably sexy on the toilet.

As he was still staring at her from behind, she turned and flashed him another sexy smile. This time the smile was laden with something else. She let her gaze linger on him a little bit longer than a casual glance then turned back to her work. Wait a minute! Did she bite her bottom lip too?! No. That must have been his imagination. One thing was for sure. He was rock hard under his desk and THAT wasn’t his imagination.

He went to work for the day but his mind was still on Mellissa. That gaze. Maybe he was reading more into it than there actually was. Now that he thought about it, it wasn’t the first time he had seen her gaze at him like that. He had actually noticed it a few times since she joined about six months before. And at the company retreat the previous month, they had had a “moment”. They had both reached for the same drink at the same time. He had got there a fraction ahead of her and her hand came to rest on his. They had stared at each other for a few seconds, with her hand still on his before annoying Angela had said interrupted them. Gosh he hated Angela! His male colleagues made fun of him that she has a crush on him. He shuddered at the thought.

He worked steadily till lunch time. All the while still thinking of what it would be like to have Mellissa for one night. What a night that will be. During lunch he saw no sign of her. That was good. Eating with a boner could be uncomfortable.

After lunch, his boss, Mr. Ayinde, sent for him.

‘Caleb, I need you to get all the information we have on the Akintola account from the file room. Now I must warn you; they have been with us for a long time so you might be down there for quite a while.’ He said.


‘Yes sir.’ Caleb said and left the office.

No one liked having to work in the file room. It was a big space at the back of the office and was strangely quiet. It was always cool and dark and Caleb was pretty sure a serial killer resided there. As he headed to the gateway to Narnia, he walked past Mellissa’s desk. She looked up as he walked past and gave him another sexy smile. He smiled back and continued on to the file room.

He hadn’t been in there for too long when he heard the door open. He was sitting on the floor in the far corner in the “A” section surrounded by files. From where he was, he was hidden from the entrance so he couldn’t see who came in. He hoped he wouldn’t be bothered.

‘So this is where you’re hiding.’

The voice!  He looked up and saw Mellissa standing there. Even in the near darkness it was easy to see she was beautiful. Being this close, you could almost feel her sexiness oozing off her. And she smelled so good too. Like flowers. She stood there with her hands behind her back; perky breasts pointing out.

He gave a nervous little laugh.

‘Nah. Boss-man wants some files. So I’m searching.’

Without another word, she came and sat beside him on the floor.

‘I can help if you want.’

‘Thanks. Should you be sitting on the floor? It’s quite dusty down here.’

‘I’m washable’ she said and smiled again.

Another nervous laugh escaped him. His heart was beating so fast he was sure she could hear it. He kept a file in his lap to hide his bulge. Meanwhile, she had already started going through files seemingly not noticing how dusty it was back there.

They searched for a little while. Not saying much, with Caleb making a few jokes here and there. When they were almost done she looked at him and said;

‘You’re always nervous around me.’

He was shocked by the statement.

‘Well…uh…it’s just that…um…’

She laughed.

‘Yes? I’m waiting for an explanation. I don’t bite you know.’

It was his turn to laugh.

‘Yeah of course I know that. It’s just that…well…I think you’re very beautiful.’

She smiled again and looked away. He continued to stare at her. Before he could control himself, he found himself reaching for her. He turned her face to his and leaned in close. Those lips. The kiss was deep. Her lips were cool and just the right amount of moist. They parted slightly to let his tongue into her mouth while her own tongue probed his mouth. When they broke after a few seconds, a look of horror crossed his face.

‘I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. ‘ he said.

She gave a small laugh.

‘I wanted you to do that,’ she said. And with that she leaned in closer and kissed him.

This time a little moan escaped from her. Her hands were moving slowly all over his body. His hands were tightly round her; pulling her close. She moved her hand under his shirt and started rubbing her hand over his broad chest and abs. He moaned and unbuttoned her top button of her shirt. He kissed her neck and proceeded to unbutton the rest of her shirt. Her hands were pulling at his belt buckle. When she finally figured it out, she unzipped his trousers and reached for his extra hard dick. She sucked in her breath when she felt how hard he was.

He took her shirt off and flung it to the side. His shirt was tossed to the side too. He took off her bra and leaned back to examine what they had been housing. He was right about those boobs. They stood on their own and looked back at him; ready to be played with. He leaned in and took one of her hard nipples in his mouth. This time she let out a full moan and used her free hand to pull his head closer. He sucked one nipple while he used his other hand to play with the other. This drove her crazy. She kissed his neck and shoulder. She pulled his head up and kissed him deeply. This time she used her tongue to caress his tongue, teeth and lips. She kissed his chest and abs and moved lower.

He held his breath when she took him in her mouth. He was too overwhelmed with lust and passion to think that those lips were finally around his member. She was working with her lips and tongue on him. The combination was driving him crazy and he could already feel a buildup in him. She was very skilled at sucking as he almost climaxed after a few seconds. He held on and raised her head to kiss her again.

He pushed her onto her back and lifted her skirt. He liberated her from her panties, which were soaking wet with her juices. He kissed her nipples again, the crevice between those perfect breasts, down to her flat stomach. When he moved his tongue into her, she let out a deep groan that was probably heard throughout the office complex. He didn’t care about that as he pushed deep into her with his tongue. He licked her pussy lips gently and used his tongue to flick at her exposed and throbbing clit. She held onto his head like she was clinging on for dear life. He continued to use his tongue to massage her all over. In a few minutes, she shuddered and with another deep groan she climaxed. He felt the rush on his chin and mouth.

He came up and she kissed him deeply again; licking her juices from his chin and mouth. She pulled him up and guided him into her. He moved in slowly; pushing in till she had all of him. That was enough to make him almost climax. He pulled out quickly to stop himself and regain composure.

‘You like that pussy?’ she moaned.

His reply was to push in again. She shuddered again as she took him in. He moved slowly at first. Pushing in and out of her. She followed the rhythm and bucked her hips to meet his thrusts. He kissed her neck, lips and nipples as he continued to move in and out of her. She started to groan again and he knew a climax was coming on. Kept thrusting and she let out a deep groan as she climaxed.

She rolled him onto his back and straddled him. She began to move up and down. Slowly at first, then moving faster. He kept his hands on her breasts and watched her as she rode herself to yet another climax. She collapsed onto his chest; breathing heavily. But he wasn’t finished with her yet. He turned her round and placed her on her hands and knees. Then he penetrated her from behind. She was magically revived again. Moaning and moving her waist back to meet his thrusts. This time he felt his own climax building but he didn’t stop.

‘Oh…I’m going to…to…’

He pulled out of her when he couldn’t hold on any longer. She turned quickly and took him in her mouth as he emptied himself into her. They collapsed in each other’s arms breathing heavily and trying to recover.

Caleb couldn’t believe that had happened. Reality slowly floated back to him and he remembered where they were. They looked at each other and smiled.

Back at his desk a while later, he was still trying to come to terms with the reality of what happened because he had imagined doing that to Mellissa for so long and now that he had it didn’t seem real. She hadn’t emerged from the file room yet. He was beginning to get worried. Maybe she was crying. Feeling guilty and dirty with herself. Maybe now things will change. No more long glances. No more flirty looks. Damn! Maybe he shouldn’t have done that. But she had wanted it hadn’t she? So where the hell could she be?!

She eventually emerged from the back looking like nothing had happened. Caleb tried to look at her face to see if she had been crying but he couldn’t tell from this distance. She sat at her desk without a glance in his direction. Damn! Things had definitely changed now. He knew it.

After about five minutes she suddenly got up and started walking over to his desk; file in hand. Maybe she was coming to tell him off. Tell him it was a mistake and it will never happen again. She had a blank expression on her face so he decided to keep his face blank. She handed him the file and without a word, turned and walked back to her desk. That’s it! It was definitely a one-time thing. A mistake.  A moment of weakness. He sighed and opened the file. His eyes opened wide as he saw the contents of the file: her panties with a note attached. The note only had her number and the word “Tonight?” on it. He glanced up at her in disbelief. She was looking back at him again; eyes sparkling, smile in place.

Maybe it wasn’t a mistake after all.

Copyright Obi, 2013.


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