The Professionals



“This girl, you keep trying me, abi?” Dave asked, looking down the proffered cleavage.

Angela laughed teasingly, still using her arms to push her breasts together, a coquettish smile playing on her pretty face.


Dave swallowed desperately.


“I do it because I know you can handle it. You’re a biiig boy.” She whispered the last part meaningfully, licking her lips a little bit.

Omo, Angela’s heart pounded in her heaving chest. They had flirted a little bit before, but nothing like this. Today’s own was different. What scared her was how much she was enjoying it. She felt empowered, in control. She could see him struggling to find saliva to swallow.

“Dis geh… I go clear your doubts o, one time!”, Dave made to walk past her desk, hoping his excitement wouldn’t show too much through his pants.

“Oya na, make we go.” Angela jumped up and followed him, laughing at Bimbo and Tade who had been looking on half-interestedly.

She held his hand companionably as they walked up the stairs. There was only heat now, where her panties were meant to be.

“Hmmmm….”, Dave kept saying, for once at a loss as to how to proceed.

They seemed naturally to gravitate towards the bathroom, then stopped right outside the doors.



Angela, feeling the blood drumming in her ears, leaned against the wall, raising her skirt a little bit, her eyes fixed on his. She watched as his eyes lighted on her fair thighs and darkened with pure lust. Na dere she soji say play don end o.

Looking around quickly, he grabbed her by the hand and pushed through the Ladies, dragging her hastily along. Locking them in the very last stall, he turned around and shut her up by capturing her mouth in his.

“I will kill you today.”

It wasn’t a threat. It was a promise. And the minute he said it, something changed inside of her. A powerful wave of locally produced, potent, konji washed over her and took up residence in her po-po.

How dare this boy-man try to use her and shine?!


She immediately turned into a wild thing, deepening the kiss from an inquisitive one to one that spelled it out: I want you, and I won’t stop till I have finished you. She tore at the neck of his shirt, pushing his tie aside, her other hand reaching back to squeeze the hard butt she had secretly eyed for so long. He realized the game had changed and yanked up her skirt, bunching it up around her waist. He was going mad. See bobi, see slim, sexy waist, see ass, and treasures lay waiting between those thighs. Na wia man pikin wan take start?


Her hand reaching into the hastily unfastened belt and stroking his erection momentarily blurred his vision.  She continued to stroke him, her eyes glazing over, her tongue instinctively running over her swollen, pink lips. Groaning helplessly, he popped open a few buttons on her shirt and freed her turgid breasts from their cotton prison. She didn’t let go of his cock even when the pleasure from his mouth on her nipples caused her body to shake uncontrollably. The low, brazen laugh of pleasure she let out threatened to make him lose it. He calmly let her go and reached in his back pocket for the condom that had lain useless for so long in his wallet.



Rolling it onto his shaft in one swift movement as she wrestled off her panties, he positioned her legs up, pinned her against the door and pushed inside her. They both gasped and paused when he had entered her fully, trying to regain a sense of balance. He looked in her eyes as he rammed into her, waves of arousal crawling over his entire body.

She held back her screams, moaning softly, their ragged breaths piercing the silence. This was just too unreal; the sensations were rushing straight to Angela’s brain, smudging the edges off her senses. Yet she still wanted more! Tearing open his still buttoned shirt, she sucked hungrily on his nipple, right hand tweaking the other as she struggled to keep her balance with her left hand gripping his shoulder.

He wanted to thrust into her hard, but this against-the-door business just wasn’t giving him enough access. Hissing in frustration, he swiveled her around, slammed down the toilet seat cover with one foot and placed her bum on it, resting her legs on his shoulders. She supported herself with one hand on the wall, raising her pelvis to receive his hardness fully.

It was raw, no courtesy, excuses or apologies. Colours merged into nothing before Angela’s eyes; she couldn’t remember when last, or if ever, she’d had it so good. She felt herself losing control of everything and had to fight as she shuddered almost convulsively, her juices flowing over Dave’s stiffness. It was over in a few short minutes: he just couldn’t help himself after watching her peak. He groaned like a wounded animal as he unloaded himself into her. Panting and trying to restore their breathing, they got up and began to clean themselves up, sheepishly avoiding each other’s eyes.

They came out minutes later, Angela smoothing down her hair. She had to make a detour to the store room to staple her blouse shut. She was missing two buttons. This was a corporate environment and she couldn’t look raggedy for the rest of the day.

He went to his desk, she returned to hers.

Work continued.

They were, after all, professionals.


I’m yours,




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