Ode to Sleep


I wait for him, all fragrant  and soft.

My body is cool from my recent bath,

My skin smells enticing; body lotion.

I’m waiting for him;

I know  he will not resist

the attraction that is me…

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Of Awards And Reasons to Post…


So someone was nice enough to nominate me for the Liebster blog award here, which was really very sweet of him. Anyways, he has given me a reason to put up a post a lot earlier than I probably would’ve , so, thanks, Shai!

So the rules are that you have to say 11 random things about yourself, then answer 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you, then nominate 11 more people and ask them your own questions. So here goes:

11 Random Things About Me

1. I live in Sokoto right now. This is always a surprise to people, so I just thought to put it out there.

2. I do not like talking about myself.

3. I’ve been told I’m very hard to understand. Several times. By several people.

4. I spend most of my free time in the horizontal position. Pervy minds feel free to roam; you roam in vain.

5. I’m getting really uncomfortable with this.

6. I secretly love horror movies. Real horror, not unnecessarily gory, screamy ones.

7. I like Nollywood. There, I said it.

8. Sometimes, I just want to lock myself away from humanity. If I were a “real” writer, I would probably vanish for months, typing away on an ancient typewriter in a darkened room in a quiet part of like, Spain, or something.

9. I stalk Lynxxx on twitter. My aspiration is to one day lick his face; it just looks so creamy.

10. I love it when cute, chubby puppies lick my ear.

11. I watch and read comedy. Like, a LOT.

Shai’s 11 Questions

1. What  is your full name(s)-Surname too pls.

Joy Elizabeth A. Mamudu.

The A is silent. Leave it at that.

2. What can you be found doing between 2a.m and 5a.m?

Sleeping, or watching TV and drinking tea.

3.What is your most distinctive physical feature?


4. When you meet someone of the opposite sex, where do your eyes go first?

Eyes. Then bum, maybe… *cough*

5. Where do you derive your writing inspiration from?

Hmm. I like to guess what total strangers are going through. That enough?

6. Which is your most favorite character in your works so far?

Soft spot for Christine and Rambo in Encounter.

7.What is your nickname (if any)?

Erm… I’ve a few, but they’re more like inside jokes. Sorry, can’t say.

8. What is the most outrageous thing you have ever done?

Um… I bet my friend 1o Naira that I’d walk up to a strange (fine) boy and ask his name.

9. Indoor or outdoors…doing what?

Indoors. Reading, watching, sleeping, hanging out.

10. Caught in a lie, what would you do?

Confess and laugh nervously, whilst hoping to God I look cute.

11. Would you like to meet me in person, someday? – Go ahead and set time and place.

Sure, how ’bout you come to Sokoto next week? 🙂

My 11 Nominees

1. Spacyzuma on http://spacyzuma.wordpress.com

2.Ashiwel on http://ashiwel.wordpress.com

3. Afam on http://theramblingsofamadman-afam.blogspot.co.uk

4. Sailheat Zunuz on http://theworldandwords.wordpress.com

5. SingleNigerian on www.singlenigerian.co.uk

6. Stephanie Cook on http://museandsparrow.wordpress.com

7. Seun Odukoya on http://seunodukoya.wordpress.com

8. Sueddie on http://sueddie.wordpress.com

9. Omo Oghogho on http://owgee.wordpress.com

10. “Bronxboy” on http://mostlybrightideas.wordpress.com

11. This weird girl on http://phantompages.wordpress.com

My 11 Questions

1. What is your favourite memory of all time?

2. Where is your happy place?

3. What’s the best book you’ve ever read, and why?

4. Dogs or cats?

5. What would you love to do on a rainy day?

6. If you could invent something awesome, what would it be?

7. Given the chance to hang out with a celebrity for a day, who would you pick?

8. Who’s the one person guaranteed to put a smile on your face any day?

9. Is your day job related to what you read in school?

10. Best TV series of all time?

11. Name one thing you want to achieve before your next birthday.


Cheers, darlings! 🙂




Lessons In Love by Lara Daniels

So today, I get to tell you guys about a writer who I hold dear for no particular reason; what ken I say? I just like her *batting eyelids*. Anyway, her new book is out and I am muy proud of/happy for her. She’s a Nigerian writer and my egbon in the business generally. Please check out the excerpt from her new book, Lessons In Love.

lessons in love jpeg

Lessons In Love


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