Ode to Sleep


I wait for him, all fragrant  and soft.

My body is cool from my recent bath,

My skin smells enticing; body lotion.

I’m waiting for him;

I know  he will not resist

the attraction that is me…

I’m skimpily clad; he likes it that way.

Lying peacefully in bed, waiting,

ever waiting.

My eyes dim slightly, my bones grow weak.

He’s coming at last,

I can feel him near.


His presence fills the room

And I whimper in anticipation.

Possessively, deliciously,

he takes me in his strong, manly arms.

This is bliss.

I moan softly as I surrender.


He caresses me like none has

Or ever will.

He alone knows exactly what I need

and when.

I give in; completely,

and spiral into velvety oblivion.


He will take me places I love to revisit.

It’s always an adventure with him;

he never, ever disappoints.

And when he’s done with me,

All I want is




2 thoughts on “Ode to Sleep

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  1. What has withdrawal symptoms have to do with this?
    Miss Meddle! Well done on this one… doesn’t come through like the usual Naija flow, more like the urbane view.
    Take the title away, and this poem would have another say. Dear, I dare say, you deceive us all the way. Whatever it is, this poem leaves us with ease…
    And all I can ask as my commentary’s end draws near is can’t some more imagery be painted in here?


  2. *applause!*

    Lol…nice and creative use of the analogy of the expectant lover.

    The whimpering in anticipation is definitely an imagery of u talking rubbish in ur sleep.

    ‘He takes you in his manly arms’…I’d lose the word ‘manly’ because it gives too much of an emphasis of sleep as a masculine entity…unless a female version gets written.

    I like the poem. Have u loaded it on NS yet?

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