Bingo & The Beans

So I recently traveled home and “stumbled upon” one of my old journals (exactly where I left it over a year ago). Anyways, I decided to share this. Enjoy.




Bingo (Photo credit: nickj365)

Today, I heard a joke on TV. A man ate beans and garri three times, then went to visit his fiancee. He met her mum at home, who insisted he have something to eat before leaving. So he sat in the parlour with their dog while his mother-in-law-to-be went into the kitchen.

His stomach began rumbling, and he fired some gaseous emissions. The mother-in-law shouted:

“Bingo, Bingo!”

The man was happy that the blame was being poured on the dog. He released more biological bombs. The mother-in-law again shouted:

Ha-ahn, Bingo, Bingo!”

For the third time, the man released two more bombs. The mother-in-law screamed:

“Bingo, Bingo! You no go comot from dere before that man kill you wit mess?!”



This is a short, lazy post, but I hope y’all think it’s cute. 🙂





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