Shiny things around my ankles. Slippery but sure, Soft, wet; strong. Ropy moisture around my wrists. Reed-thin but durable, Reliable; tried and true. Bound, gagged, cuffed. Trapped, caught, tricked. Blessed, cursed; bewitched. You've got your tentacles all over me. P.S. I'm dedicating this to Dude, Dudaayyy and young Master Puffington. May love-tentacles forever bind y'all. … Continue reading Tentaculus

Movie Review: Doctor Bello

 So I finally watched this movie last night. Forgive me, it's just hard to get new Nollywood movies in the backend of nowhere. Where I live :)The story initially centres around Sam, an 8 year old boy living with cancer in New York. Dr. Durant (Isiah Washington) is his oncologist and a Nigerian nurse (I … Continue reading Movie Review: Doctor Bello