Shiny things around my ankles.
Slippery but sure,
Soft, wet; strong.
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Movie Review: Doctor Bello



So I finally watched this movie last night. Forgive me, it’s just hard to get new Nollywood movies in the backend of nowhere. Where I live 🙂

The story initially centres around Sam, an 8 year old boy living with cancer in New York. Dr. Durant (Isiah Washington) is his oncologist and a Nigerian nurse (I can’t remember her name and honestly can’t be arsed to re-watch and find out) is one of his caregivers. When his condition deteriorates, he goes into a coma for about three weeks. Around this time, Dr. Durant’s wife (Vivica Fox) quits the marriage because she feels that he no longer gives her attention after they lost their 10 year old daughter to cancer 3 years previously. Continue reading