Warm Bodies

Chika spread her legs wider apart and ran her hands leisurely over his back.
“Mmmm….”, her moan trailed off as he pushed slowly inside her, trying to bury his whole body inside of hers.
Closing her eyes, she traced her fingertips lightly down his arms; shoulders to wrists, and thought about those other arms. The original arms. Those arms with the leather bracelet around the left wrist. The bracelet she would hold on to while the rest of the body attached to those arms pinned her in a position like this one. And the eyes would stare soulfully into hers. Those lips would mouth, “I love you, baby”, even as he thrust hard and sweet, deeper into her, aiming for her heart and soul…
Jolting back to the present, she discretely wiped off the tears that had run down her right eye, smiling reassuringly at him. Moaning and thrashing wildly, she faked an orgasm to speed things up. She wanted to be alone now.
He was done in a few minutes, smiling smugly as he rolled off her. In his mind, he had shown her the time of her life. She smiled coyly back at him, then mumbled something about having to go meet her mum. He left shortly after.
Chika had a string of hims. It was better that way. She hardly felt anything real anymore, except for those bleak moments at night sometimes. But even then, there would always be a him willing to come over, no matter what time it was.
Sitting down naked in front of her bedroom mirror, she towelled off her now reddish skin. The water she’d used to bath had been super hot, but she really wanted to come out clean. She sat upright and critically assessed her reflection. All the men she picked up were always so quick to ask,
“Why are you single?!”, widening their eyes incredulously at her.
“You’re beautiful, smart, sexy, funny, lively, you cook, dance… No normal man would let you go!”
But that one had. The one of the arms and bracelet. It’s either she wasn’t as wonderful as they claimed, or he wasn’t normal…
Wiping her salty cheeks yet again, she made a quick call, then jumped up to go get dressed. When the knock sounded, she opened the door with a wide smile.
That was her life now. She would fake it till she felt it, or die trying. All that aside, she looked glamorous tonight, and he was dashing and terribly handsome. Locking the door behind her, she clicked her high heels after him, sashaying off into another fleeting, lovely life.

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