Kechi stared at it in awe for a few minutes. It was huge. And juicy-looking. Stepping into the room, she closed the door behind her with a click of finality; she’d be here for a while. For as long as it took to vanquish this thing. She held it in her hand delicately … Continue reading Innuendo



    I've waited so long for this; "Till death" is upon us.   Snatch off your urban cover; We pick cotton by hand here.   Fling off you new-fangled insecurities; Dr. Phil does not exist here. Wrap you up in my countryside arms; No traffic or guns, or violence.   Beg your permission to … Continue reading Country


For you, OA 🙂 Stretch. Scissors the legs. Hands clench buttocks. Backs arched. Sweat meeting sweat. Exertion. Aaaah. Eager for punishment. Begging to be tortured. Colours. Colours. Lights and sound. Blur. Blur. Nails scratching back.i Lift. Thrust. Push. Mmmm. Ragged breath. Jagged gasp. Animal grunt. Clasp. Smack. Tweak. Grope. Silent deafening applause. Finale. P.S. Suggested … Continue reading Calisthenics