Kechi stared at it in awe for a few minutes. It was huge. And juicy-looking. Stepping into the room, she closed the door behind her with a click of finality; she’d be here for a while. For as long as it took to vanquish this thing.
She held it in her hand delicately at first, inspecting it and wondering where to start. Slowly widening her mouth, Kechi pushed it in gingerly, trying to test just how much of it could fit in there. The first taste melted her inhibitions and she went on to taste it again, boldly this time.
Losing herself in the moment, she took it out of her mouth and ran her tongue up and down it instead. Slow, sensuous strokes of her tongue, savouring that unique taste and feel. It was so hard and unyielding, but still she got the impression that there was so much yummy goodness on the inside. She couldn’t wait to make it all come out of there.
She noticed a drop of fluid at the end of it and giggled like a delighted child, licking it up completely. She kept working her lips and tongue there, sucking hard to make more of that fluid come out. She loved it. Her eyes were fully closed now, all focus on the task at hand. She heard a moan and realized seconds later that it had come from her. She didn’t mind. She sucked and sucked and sucked.
And then the bone marrow flowed into her mouth.
She threw away the thoroughly violated bone, cleaned up her fingers and mouth, and left the room.






I’ve waited so long for this;

“Till death” is upon us.


Snatch off your urban cover;

We pick cotton by hand here.


Fling off you new-fangled insecurities;

Dr. Phil does not exist here.

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Glass Half Full

I manage to drag myself out of bed about 30 minutes after turning off the annoying alarm. As my feet make contact with the cold floor, I say a few words of prayer.
-I am alive yet again. Grumpy, lazy, sleepy as hell, but alive.
Stumbling through my scattered flat, I stand at the kitchen door for a while to have a stare down with last night’s dishes swimming quietly in the sink. After taking several factors into consideration, (I’m running late and it’s a cold morning), I eye the dishes one last time and let them win, walking away. The house will look terrible when I get back home tonight, but my laziness will be the sole cause of that.
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