Glass Half Full

I manage to drag myself out of bed about 30 minutes after turning off the annoying alarm. As my feet make contact with the cold floor, I say a few words of prayer.
-I am alive yet again. Grumpy, lazy, sleepy as hell, but alive.
Stumbling through my scattered flat, I stand at the kitchen door for a while to have a stare down with last night’s dishes swimming quietly in the sink. After taking several factors into consideration, (I’m running late and it’s a cold morning), I eye the dishes one last time and let them win, walking away. The house will look terrible when I get back home tonight, but my laziness will be the sole cause of that.
-I have a house, no matter how dirty. It is mine; I will not sleep under a bridge somewhere or squat with some annoying person.
Getting myself washed, dressed and out of the house is no easy feat; somehow, all my body wants to do is crumple up in a heap somewhere dark and quiet. I succeed in dragging my sluggish shape through the front door at work minutes later, and go about the business of setting up my work space for the day. My actions are slow, somnambulist style, but  I am quickly jarred awake when I realize that I’ve quite a lot of pending work from the previous day. I must clear all of it before 9am, when the fresh work will begin rolling in.
So I gather all the paperwork to myself, feeling my vanished eye bags instantly reappear, like Atlantis resurfacing for a bit of sun. I get out my new iPhone, the same one that ate up the bulk of my last salary, and fire up my Crazy Day playlist. It  is a rock compilation; anger and fury and amazing resources of energy, just what I need. It is almost loud enough to drown out the sound of my immediate oga’s voice. My lady boss. She is a bitch, no two ways abourrit. She does next to nothing all day, is quick to blame me for the slightest shift in plans. She is a narcissistic, bloody annoying bitch.
The boss above her is no better, he is pompous and arrogant, firmly believing that everyone else was born to do his whim. Ironically, they do not see eye to eye, though they’ve lots in common. I’m left to find some kind of a balance, and chant my mantra to myself whenever either or both of them piss me off.
-I’ve a job when most of my friends still rely on family for everything.
Later that day, a customer approaches me, his face averted from mine, shoulders slumped. I know he has come with a sob story. I know he wants money. I’m right. He asks me for N10,000. I cock my head to the side and study him intently. Is he lying? Will I see or smell the money ever again, in this world or the next? Who knows. I sigh as I count it out and hand the bills over to him.
-I’ve received my salary steadily, every month for two years. It’s been a while since I was swindled.
During the day I glance at the TV; bad news as usual. Some kind of tornado in the Philippines. I see distraught faces mumbling about lost family members. I think of my own family and how we love to pick petty quarrels.
-I’ve a mom and siblings, all alive and healthy. Mom so healthy that she follows me around the house to nag about my lack of a visible marriage plan. Hale enough to yell through my hastily slammed door or above the earphones clamped in my ears.Same mom whose prayers keep me alive.
When it’s finally ok for me to leave work, I do so with a spring in my step, humming energetically as I finally wash my dirty dishes, sweep my room, and cook a lovely pot of jollof rice to cover the smell of neglect that hangs in the air. Dancing around the house to music from MTV Base, I finally settle down with a novel and my phone by my side. I love my alone time.
-My job may suck, my friends miles away, my tummy fat increasing everyday, secretly piled on when I am asleep by the Evil One, my love life may be more shriveled and convoluted than a dried up avocado seed, my laziness may be the death of me some day, and Time may be  irrevocably slippiping through my fingers week in, week out, but frack it all to Hades, I am GRATEFUL.

@msmeddle on Twitter.

There’s truth in my lies, and lies to my truths. EnJoy.

In everything, give thanks. Cheers, be encouraged! 🙂

10 thoughts on “Glass Half Full

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  1. Hmm… the nature of gratefulness even we’re not getting exactly what we want….
    God bless you for this…
    Also… I love your narrative style…

  2. Yes o! The glass may not be full and brimming, but there’s drink in it, enough to quench the taste one sip at a time. So yea, frack it all to Hades jare! Life is GOOD!
    I love this!

  3. ‘-I am alive yet again. Grumpy, lazy, sleepy as hell, but alive.’
    That line is priceless. Nothing sums up the grateful heart in this piece more than that.

  4. Hmmm….in everything, we must b grateful. Even a jobless me is still grateful, thankful for d Gift of life, knowing that my TOMORROW will b better…beautifully penned, and thanks for sharing…

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