I’ve waited so long for this;

“Till death” is upon us.


Snatch off your urban cover;

We pick cotton by hand here.


Fling off you new-fangled insecurities;

Dr. Phil does not exist here.

Wrap you up in my countryside arms;

No traffic or guns, or violence.


Beg your permission to violate you;

this is old school.


Sniff out the trail of my target;

I grew up hunting in woods like yours.


Watch the swell of your mountains;

I’ve scaled heights such as these.


Feel the ebb and flow of your ocean;

make like I’m swimming in the village creek.


Take what I’ve got to give;

A promise as old as time.


You are perfect;

and “us” is as natural as can be.



This ain’t love if we can’t love for life…

Can we make love in the dark?

Girl you light up my life…








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