Single 2



All Grace had to do was put the box on her madam’s desk. That was all she had to do. But her amebo spirit was just too strong. Looking guiltily over her shoulder to make sure Chioma wasn’t standing in the doorway, she stealthily opened the box. Hmm. Whoever sent this knew exactly how to get Chioma. Strappy black stilettoes. Chioma was a sucker for heels. Grace picked up the small piece of cardboard paper inside the box and flipped it over to read the note. For some odd reason, her heart  began thudding wildly in her chest.
Wear these tonight. Nothing else.
Grace gasped audibly. Frank?!Her Frank??! The handwriting and modus operandi were spot on. It was her Frank alright. He loved to think of himself as some kind of old-fashioned romantic, dropping love notes left, right and center.
Hastily rearranging the package as best she could, she stalked out of Chioma’s office, the blood racing to her head. It’s not like she was genuinely in love with Frank. After all, she was already planning the best way to fully break up with him. But him creeping around with her boss? And after they had been on again, off again for over three years? Hyaa, the deception was just painful. Thankfully, it was a Friday and she would have time to process all this crap.

Text from him;
“Beautiful One,
Love is the gift
You give all
Who look upon you.
I’m smitten.




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