Undue Harvest

Hannari Brown_533902
It was sunny and bright,

Dusty breeze and light.

You were fussing again,
Putting me through unjust strain.
Later, we sat in class,
All so carefree… but alas!
The sun shone no more
No laughter as before.

Screams, wails, frantic running
Mindless struggling to get away.
Killers, they’re killers,
Slitting unripe throats,
Blasting holes in bodies
Once full of promise.

The floors the girls had swept
Mopped in varying shades of blood

He passed a sharp blade under my chin.
The last thing I felt
Was the  warmth of  my life
Flowing away.
Last thing I thought,
Was how I hadn’t made up
With you, Mom,
Before leaving the house.
My eyes rolled back,
And I…

RIP, innocent blood shed in Borno and Adamawa.





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