Dave absolutely irritated her. She really wasn’t sure why, and didn’t care to find an explanation for it. Dipping her head to sip from her wide-brimmed mayrtini glass, she peered at him over its rim. Bella mumbled “Mumu guy” under her breath and turned around to look at other people. It was a work do, and attendance was mandatory, else she’d have stayed home quite happily. As usual at parties and social events, she stood on the fringe of things, by the drinks table this time, watching her colleagues and their guests laughing, dancing, living.
She was just fumbling for her phone so she could check the time and countdown to when she could safely sneak off when she felt a presence behind her.
“You look so hot in that green dress.”, said a male voice inches above the nape of her neck.
It was low, and husky, and absolutely MASCULINE, and she froze as she was; head bent, arm crocked as she held her clutch purse close to her body.
“It’s like, you’re a different person tonight in that thing. It just…ahhhh….”
All the hairs on her arms and the back of her neck raised up on tiptoe, stretching up and away from her skin. The moisture evaporated from her recently whetted throat and her heart pounded erratically in her chest.
“I’ve got wild pictures in my head of the things I could do to you in that dress…”
Dave move to the side, in the line of her peripheral vision. Dunking his index finger and thumb into his glass, he picked out an ice cube, put it into his mouth and sucked thoughtfully on his fingers. Moving once again behind her, she felt, rather than saw him lean forward. She felt the chill of the ice cube, and the trail of wetness as it slid down her back. She felt the frozen heat of his lips pressed against her neck.
She didn’t know when she closed her eyes and let out a soft whimper. And then she felt him walk away.



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