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Single 3



Single 2

“I called Frank and told him it’s over. “
Grace was really grateful that Sade had come all the way to stay the night with her after their bbm conversation earlier. It felt good, not being alone.
“Aww, poor girl. Forget him jor. It’s not like you really loved him sef.”
Grace smiled sadly at her, putting on a brave face to reassure her friend.
“Aaaaaanyway,” Sade got up from the bed, mischievous gleam in her eye.
“We are drinking!” she brandished a bottle of merlot in one hand.
“And we are going dancing!”
Sade held up a tiny, electric blue dress in the other hand while Grace laughed excitedly and covered her face with her hands.
“I can’t believe you bought me the dress! Oga Mike, fa?” Grace managed to ask, perching on the edge of her bed.
“Don’t you trust me?! Oga Mike is on standby. Oya, stand up!”
Oga Mike was the cab driver they used whenever they went night – crawling.
An hour later, they made their way to Ice, their favorite nightclub, giggling away comfortably with Mike.
Determined to have fun and push all man-troubles aside, the two girls set fire to the dance floor, teasing a few guys but making it clear they didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell.
All giggled out, Grace and Sade tumbled out of Mike’s car and into Grace’s apartment at about 3.47am, kicked off their shoes and climbed into bed fully dressed. Just before drifting off into her alcohol-induced sleep, Grace groggily checked her phone to stop the insistently blinking red light.

You stopped my heart in that blue dress.
Would that I could nurse your hangover in the morning…
Sleep sweet, my sweet.




Good intentions don't always come out right. Life gets in the way of the best laid plans and emotions are always fickle, yet powerful enough to change everything... Enjoy.

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