Peero’s Avi

Gail was thoroughly frustrated with this her so-called boyfriend. Dude was soooo annoying, wallahi. The guy seemed to wake up and dedicate his entire day to pissing her the hell off these days. What made it worse was that their families had already done an informal introduction and all that rubbish. This is what she would be stuck with all her life.
Was he always this irritating? She tried to cast her mind back to three weeks before, when all their relationship wahala seemed to have blossomed into a full-time vexing competition. Sadly, she was hard pressed to remember him as anything but an asshole. If he carried on this way, honestly, she would give it back to him fire for fire. This Jos wouldn’t be big enough for the two of them.
Funny enough, what were they even arguing about sef? Rubbish-rubbish things, ne fa! Right now, he was raising hell because he ‘’found out’’ that she had gone to visit her ex in the hospital. Err, who wouldn’t?! The poor guy was in that beer parlour that they blew up the other day!
Dude survived a friggin’ bomb blast! Why ever shouldn’t she go to see him and add to the growing pile of oranges by his hospital bed?
‘’Runtown… Davido…. Gallardo…
Baby m calling’’
Staring balefully at her ringing phone, she picked the call, a sneer already in place on her lips.
‘’Yes?’’, she thought maybe he must have calmed down by now.
‘’But if there is nothing between you and that fellow, why couldn’t you just tell me you were going to see him, ehn? Maybe we could even have gone together.’’
‘’Oh, soooorrry o! I didn’t know that I must now request for permission from you before I do anything. Why in heaven’s name would you go with me??? You hate him, and he knows it. No point forming niceness to him out of pity. Look, I really don’t get what your real issue with me is o.’’
‘’It all boils down to openness, Abigail! Why would I have to hear this from Steve? And if I didn’t know anyone working there in JUTH, that’s how I would never have known that you’re going about town with your ex-boyfriends, right?’’
‘’Chibuzor, I am getting sick and tired of your insults these days. Which one is ‘running around town with exes’ again??? Ehn? Why are you so bloody insecure these days? What do you want from me that I haven’t already given you?! You better just come out and tell me whatever it is that’s brewing in that head of yours, and save us all this time and energy.’’
There was a brief pause on the other end of the line.
‘’What are you going on about, Gail?’’
‘’If you are looking for a reason to dump me, save us both the stress and just come out and say you’re tired.’’
Gail didn’t wait for the heated response she could feel him preparing. She was tired.
She hung up on him.
Good thing she just got that Etisalat sim today. She took out her MTN sim (it was crappy, anyway) and put on the Etisalat. Though she was forming Jane Bond, she was still royally pissed. So much so that she noticed she’d been mumbling to herself like a homeless bag lady.
Hissing richly, she went straight to twitter to cool her nerves with the amebo of the moment. Scrolling through her TL, she noticed that one of her followers had changed his avi.
Waiting absently for it to open fully, the breath caught in her throat and she zoomed in eagerly.
Now, this was something with which to calm one’s nerves! Gail leaned back against the pillows and pulled the duvet up till it rested just under her chin. She and this picture would have a lovely time together.

Peter (@peero007)


Shout out to Peter (@peero007) 😉

4 thoughts on “Peero’s Avi

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  1. Na wah oh…

    I take it that you are Gail, right?
    ‘Cause this sounds like a true tale reconstructed.

    “She and this picture would have a lovely time together.”

    Does that mean she was going to spend the day starring at a nekkid torso and erect penis? As in masturbatory tins shey?…

    Come sef…what has the title got to do with the story sef?

    MSmeddle…you have some confessing to do!

    1. Firstly, I am so NOT Gail! Secondly, I had to use this title ‘cos it’s what came to my mind the very first time I saw his avi.
      No comment on the other thing 😀

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