Territorialism: Peeing for Dogs, Slobbering for Women


First off, this is just me being random and foolish (two things I’m great at, by the way), so ladies out there should NOT get their panties in a bunch. Speaking of, what does that mean, even???
Moving along.
Ladies, let’s be honest. You KNOW what’s wrong with your man, no matter how much you love him. So y’all know when you’re dating a guy who didn’t get lucky when looks were being handed out.
Backtracking a little bit, remember male dogs and their way of asserting themselves? It’s quite literally a pissing contest.
So the males jauntily stroll around their angwa (neighbourhood) and pee on everything that’s upright. Electric poles, trees, shrubbery, car tyres, rocks, unsuspecting human legs… you sha get the gist.
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Why I’m a Coward

There has been an eerie silence on the blog for a while… I’ll try to explain that.
First of all, an uncertain number of girls went on an unplanned excursion with a handful of deranged bad guys, and the Nigerian government did fuck all about it.
Pardon my French; it’s a bit rusty.
Now, it was terrible seeing mothers cry over their missing girls, an agony trying to imagine how sleepless the nights of such mothers probably are, and unthinkable trying to picture just what said deranged fellows would get up to with those girls. Anyways, I chose to remain silent on that topic, as is usual with me whenever my country breaks my heart…
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