Virtually Yours


We “met” on 2go.
Yeah, of all places, I know. Well, that was about two and a half years ago. I am not sure which of the silly chat rooms we met in, but, meet we did anyway. Again, I’m not sure what made him stand out to me, but I instinctively treated him like a “real” person.
At first we would only say hello and make small talk, but the night I discovered that my boyfriend of about eleven months was only into me to get close to my friend, that night was the birth of our friendship.
I was heartbroken and sleep had sworn to avoid me at all costs even though I’d downed three mugs of warm milk and wanked in frustration a couple of times. I updated my status to “Can’t sleep…”, and just seconds later, he chatted me up. Now, the mix of heartbreak, sleeplessness, the fatigue of crying my heart out, and the exasperation of the unsatisfying wanks produced an unusual strain of honesty in me that night.
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