Instant Flash; Just Add Water



She tried to control her breathing and tame her face into a perfect mask of nothing. She wondered to herself how shit got this complicated to begin with.
When did she start to give a hoot about how he spent his time, or with whom?! When did this rubbish “caring” business begin and why in tarnations

did she never think to nip it in the bud?
So now, there she sat, useless mass of simpering anger, fuming impotently as he chuckled softly on the phone with her. Who even knew what the eejit bush girl looked like…
“Yeah, I’ll check it for you when I come over tomorrow morning, babe.”
His voice was extra husky with fondness and over familiarity.
She tasted bile in her mouth.
He sat there talking and laughing mushily on the phone for another few minutes until she had no choice but to get up and walk around a little bit.
When he was done, he came over to meet her standing by the front door, sudden calmness exuding from her every pore.
You are not leaving here till I say so”, she said simply, so quietly that he had to strain to hear her.
He stood there dumbstruck and watched her walk towards the bedroom, carelessly trailing her clothes behind hher.He tried the door. Locked. A quick search for the keys proved futile.
He balanced his arms on his head and pondered this new conundrum.
What the hell would he tell his wife?!

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