The Devil You Know…

Maroon 5 One More Night



Now, this was inspired by a recent talk I had with a colleague of mine, and I realized how common it really is.
Before I get to my point, lemme first tell you a story. You see, when I was in Uni, there was this shop I usually bought jeans from. Now, over time, the shop guy and I became “friends”, and would joke around and stuff whenever I came in to buy things. While all that isn’t bad in itself,the thing is, there’s a tendency to take liberties with your friends, even when technically, both of you are conducting business.
So it got to a time when I’d go to this dude’s shop, and he’d leave me sitting there and attend to others as per we were friends and “had to” gist small and all. And I wouldn’t say anything, even if I’d only intended to breeze in and out. And it’s not like he always had the perfect jeans for me; sometimes after searching through his stock and trying on a million things, I’d still walk out empty handed and crestfallen (I hate trying on things in shops).
Now, there is the tendency for those who know you well to take you for granted, but how much should you put up with? Who determines where the line is and when it is crossed? At what point does it cross from friendly troublemaking to see-finish?
My observation is; sometimes people stay in relationships not because they are being treated well, or because the relationship is the best for them, but simply because they have gone through the process of “training” their partner and would rather not go through the stress of meeting someone new and “training” them  all over again.
Weird-sounding but real shit.
I’m just saying, mahn. This relationship thing is just Uber weird sometimes. All sorts of baggage and emotional politics going on… Sometimes I wonder what the whole point is… In a philosophical, abstract kind of way, you understand (just in case my mom reads this and freaks out that I’ll never settle down. I will quite literally never live through the series of talks and lectures.)
But my (weak, lame, possibly irrelevant) point is: what makes us do this “settling” of a thing? Is it the abject fear of being alone? Or just the laziness we feel at the thought of meeting someone new, then investing time, effort, money and ourselves into getting to know them? Or maybe all humans are masochistic to a point, enjoying some level of hurt…
In conclusion… Heck, I’ve no idea what my conclusion is, or was. I’m just happy I got the chance to write down my weirdness today, I don’t know why y’all are here :p
That being said, the devil you know
a) is better than the angel you’re not familiar with
b) is a devil, and will try to destroy you.
Who knows, right?




6 thoughts on “The Devil You Know…

  1. God has cash u!!! U do that for a reason…striking a friendship with the shop guy. let us be honest, a university babe, a shop guy, the chance of getting things on the cheap!!! You follow?

    Loooool, that is an aside by the way.

    Ok. So, the thing is we hook up for emotional, financial and social security.

    If it were all about procreation, there would be no need to stay with one person for an ‘extended’ period. But, the other above stated reasons are why we got to find the ‘most suitable ‘ candidate to offer us such.

    My take…..

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