The Fat Girl’s Guide to Life

8:12 AMJoy this away business here to stay? 8:14 AMJohnny Q oh morning 8:19 AMJoy heehee morning 9:46 AMJohnny Q this away business here to stay? 10:21 AMJoy lol was ACTUALLY¬† away ass 10:23 AMJohnny Q WELCOME BACK 10:24 AMJoy hmm been in za loo was there for like 30mins 10:28 AMJohnny Q hmmmm giving... Continue Reading →


Anything to make you happy. I know you mean well. Money, Your time, Your body, Your heart; A place in your life. You want to be My confidant, My lover, My protector; My hero. Anything I want, You say, You are prepared To give. But can you give The one thing I ask? Can you... Continue Reading →

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