Keeping Your BFF


Here are some tips about best friends I wrote down a while ago:

-Keep the amebo flowing. Gossip is the grease that oils the cogs of the world. It is not to be underestimated.
– Though distance separates you, communication is key.
– When you deliver your gist, be sure to make it media-rich. Include images, web links, audio, video footage, bloody powerpoint slides if you can.
– Try to find a BFF who is NOT the same size as you. This way, you will never fight over clothes, shoes, or men (bwahahahahaha!!!).
– Ensure you tell her about every and all conversations you have with her boyfriend. Never be coded with her man. Unless maybe y’all are planning her a surprise birthday party.
– Make yourself available to her; be a good listener. Welcome those times when she turns to you to divulge close, personal secrets that leave her vulnerable. Those moments of exposure forge an intimacy that will stand the test of time.
– Remember to be vulnerable with her too.
– No matter the drunken/ stupid/ annoying/ immature thing she has done, never be judgemental with her. Only offer a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, comfort food, nice bottle of red, tissue to blow her snot in, a mirror to fix her face in, or logical, practical advise.
This does not mean that you won’t get to yell at her or tease her mercilessly, while laughing raucously and pointing. You have the rest of your lives for all that.







Happy Christmas and a merry New Year. Be sure to LOVE this season. Cheers πŸ˜‰

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