February-Love Giveaway!!!

Alright, so some of you have probably been waiting for this with bated breath because, free things. As I said earlier, I’ll be giving 5 people N1,000 airtime eachΒ  absolutely free (kinda)!!! All you have to do is answer the question I have for you in the comments section, and my friend Johnny Q will pick out the 5 most interesting answers, and voilΓ ! N1,000 airtime is yours. To all of those who were all over twitter on Saturday griping about how boring Valentine’s day really is, pele. And if you stayed home all day Saturday only for that “special” someone to take you out yesterday,


But don’t feel bad, because


We’re starting from the borrom, bhet we wee get dia someday! πŸ˜€

Oh, did I mention? You have from now till 8pm to post your comments, and only comments posted before then will be considered.
Your time starts now.

What does love mean to you?


20 thoughts on “February-Love Giveaway!!!

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  1. Seeing Indian movies crippled my knowledge about love. Thought it was that special feeling when you meet a girl, she winks at you, covers her face with a veil and ‘Walah!’, the whole street starts to dance with you.
    I’ve come to the realisation that love is not that complex, and neither simple. Complexity in simplicity, maybe.
    Its finding that special someone whose strengths you admire and whose weaknesses you’re willing to live with, and help change, if need be.
    But then, I’ve only been in one relationship. What do I know? πŸ˜€

  2. Love is a teasing, alluring fantasy.
    It beckons to me like the end of a rainbow.
    My logical mind KNOWS I won’t ever reach it, cos the chances of getting it are minute, and the chances of keeping it is even less.
    My emotional mind still has hope, has belief, that one day I’ll experience that divine feeling called love.
    A feeling that makes my heart ache with warmth. Makes my face flush with blood. Make my eyes glow with emotion.
    Until 8pm of 16-Fed-2015, love is akin to winning N1000 MTN credit.

  3. “Love is not love if it alters when it alterations find”. Love is the stick-to-it-iveness to the love especially when the other party don’t want it but needs it. Love is the suppression of ego and self for the common good of both parties. Love is like a song on permanent repeat.

  4. Love is that companionable silence that doesn’t always need to be filled with words and chatter. It is that backbone up the spine that complements your strengths and bolsters up your weaknesses. It is that warmth that fills up all the cold, dank spaces around you. It is the encouragement you get to do things for your own good and for the good of others. It is that embrace that accepts you the way you are, those arms that gently guide you in the path to be a better you.
    Love is happiness, that oftentimes comes with a price, but happiness that is well worth the effort.

  5. Love is in the moment
    In the memory
    In understanding
    In commitment
    In remembering
    Knowing that this cloud
    Only you see
    Is your curse
    Cross, plus
    Oh joy, blessing.
    Love is in the down
    Then you remember
    How it felt in the beginning.

    Love is in the hurting
    Yes, you care and it’s foolish to
    It’s simple yet complicated
    It’s the sea that calls the sailor
    Yet turbulent

    Love is unexplained (really)
    Isn’t that why we are here?

  6. Love is active affection which seeks the other person’s highest good/welfare.

    For example, my girlfriend desires to be a fulfilled woman in a healthy marriage with kids. I drop my selfish (no good for her) desires for instant gratification, and together we work towards a great home.

  7. I’ve seen a quote somewhere that just hit it for me. It says “Love is not “If” or “because”. Love is “Even though” & “in spite of”

    That’s it.

  8. Love is actually quite simple and plain, in my opinion. Majorly, I see it as true friendship, tolerance, selflessness, and understanding.

    Simple, like I said, but complex still.

  9. Hmm. Love? Foolishness really. Am not sure what love is. But i think i have felt it somewhere in my past lives.
    Is love loving someone, knowing everything about that person, liking everything you know about them. Then one day you start to feel hell i could end up with this person for longer than the customary 3months. Being able to tell her stuff you have not and probably would not tell anyone ever again. Smiling everytime you see her, wanting to be with her every single moment. And you notice the same from the other person, she even tells you she wants to be with you forever just so you dont get confused.
    But one day, you find your demons crawling outta the pit you had buried them in, and as much as you push them back, they keep coming up. In reality you become jealous, obsessive and even though she assures you that she is yours, deep down, you struggle with the demons to believe them. After which comes the downfall, and no matter how bad you treat her, she still stays saying theyshet leave. Inbetween all the foolishness are moments when you feel this absolute bliss with her,but deep down you expect it not to last,knowing your demons would still raise again.
    You watch her cry over and over again. And you cuddle her. Tell her to leave for her own good but she refuses. Repeat and rinse. Until one day you cant bear it anymore. You do the final hurting. Nothing physical but mean enough to jolt her outta the love. And her last words always are “I wish someone makes you feel the same pain that you have just put me through”, instead of keeping quiet, you retort “I have heard that before”
    What really is love?

  10. Love is when you miss them when they’re with you
    Love is when your heart flutters when they’re far
    And beats wildly when they’re near
    Love is when you can’t see their flaws
    But wonder always how come you deserve such perfection

    Love is when an infant wraps it’s tiny hand around your finger
    And beams you a toothless grin
    Love is when dad works 3 jobs
    Just so you can go to the best schools
    Love is all the sacrifice mums make

    Love, they say, is like ghosts, hard to believe or understand until you experience it.

    PS: You didn’t specify what timezone. I’m going to assume HongKong time, GMT+8…. Damn! 6 hours before deadline…. 😎😎😎😎😎

  11. *drumroll*
    I would start by saying……………….*i forgot*

    And the winners are:
    Walt Shakes

    We are meant to have 5 lucky winners but there is a tie for the 5th place or last available prize. This is between Ajalayemi and Toin. Following the yet to be printed out rule book, they would have to share the credit. Equally. Thats fair enough.

  12. Thanks guys!
    I had fun.
    Thanks to our very Solomon-esque judge for his fairness, too.
    Alright, please get your phone numbers to me because I’m VTU-ing the rewards, as a sharp geh πŸ˜€

  13. The Cynic’s Definition

    “Love is a completely irrational human condition whereby a person will (foolishly) disregard their own safety and wellbeing for the sake of someone else.
    People afflicted by this condition tend to sacrifice inordinate amounts of time, credit and cash for the subject of their affliction…oops affection.

    Many people suffering from this condition will defend their position, claiming that it brings them great satisfaction and joy to be in this condition *scoffs*. This lends further credence to the idea that this condition is actually a self-sustaining delusion.”

    P.S. It’s 2:45pm here in Mexico city. When does this thing close?

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