The Way You Chew


Frank rushed into Ola Mummy canteen in Bodija,  hungry as an abandoned baby elephant, and made his order of two wraps of pounded yam, fish and ewedu. So hungry was he that it wasn’t until he’d swallowed the first wrap that his eyes came down, and he could once again see like normal humans do. It was at this point he decided to slow down so he wouldn’t choke. He took his first sip from the 75cl Eva table water bottle the waitress with the blue Staff 24 tshirt had placed before him, and looked around for the first time whilst tenderly unwrapping the second half of his meal.
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Faraway Lover


Image credits: @pam_E_chic

I soaked you up
when we were together.

Touched you,
kissed you,
stared and stared,
teased and tormented.

I soaked you in
when we were together.

Licked your skin,
tickled your beard,
scratched your chin,
watched you smile
and laugh and frown and sleep.

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