Tade thought back to when he’d first met her in Coolidge nightclub two years ago. He hadn’t been in party mood until the DJ went mental with his old school mix. He spotted her shortly after, dancing and mouthing the lyrics to every song…
He’d stepped up to her, mind blown because she matched his every move. Five songs later his hard-on was poking into the small of her back and she gyrated deliberately, turning to smile naughtily at him every now and again.
at some point she led him into the bathroom and it was just a thrilling blur of clashing body parts and hunger and cramped spaces and the fear of being caught and satisfaction.

But now he was pissed off. Whatever had possessed him to date a girl he’d met in a club! They fought way too much and enough was finally enough. He paced in a nervous rage, waiting for her to show up so that he could end it. He looked up when she came into the fast food restaurant, swallowing her curves with his carnivorous stare.

He wondered if they could use the restroom here as he felt the familiar fire in his belly.

P. S.
How are you, darlings? It’s been years, hasn’t it? As usual, I apologize for my long missing in action-ness and vow to at least consider turning a new leaf.

P. P. S.
So, this isn’t new. I posted it on my twitter in December last year as part of a 200 word flash fiction prompt thingummy.

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  1. Okay, I need to make out time to talk to you when next we see and not just do waka pass.
    How are you?

    Nice tale but…where’s the fresh merchandise? 😉

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