No, there are no weird/ disturbing images of me in various shapes and poses of nakedness here. Sorry, try some other blog.

Sometimes I feel like no one really knows who I am. And I think I’m too serious here on this blog, as opposed to the me in real life. So I decided to strip. Figuratively, that is. Just to be a bit more relaxed and a bit more me on my own blog. So here goes. A few random truths about moi.

* For those who don’t already know, my name is Joy and I’m 23.5 years old, going on midlife crisis.

* I’m very emotional. Yes, yes, I confess it here and now. I cry a whole lot. Movies, novels, boyfriends, praying, my dad, stories of extraordinary people who die ordinary deaths, these are the recurrent issues that cause me to well up without warning.

* I love to be left alone from time to time. Efforts to loosen me up and get me to “play” will earn you dirty looks and my rising irritation. I shut off when I want to be alone, and come back on when I’m ready. Simple.

* I am just a teensy bit of a klutz. I’m awkward and shy in new situations/ environments so I never know what to do with myself at parties and formal events. I’d rather slouch around the house in shorts and half-dead t-shirts. ๐Ÿ™‚

*A few of my favourite movies (that make me cry) : Bridge to Terabithia, Marley and Me, My Sister’s Keeper, Untamed Love.

* I’m all about love and relationships. I don’t know how it happened, but since my teenage years (actually, since I was 12), I’ve always been the one people tell their love issues.

* I love God, but feel that it is better to love Him with respect and reverence, than to be ostentatious just to get praise from people around you.

*I don’t get bothered by much; there’s always a bigger picture and I’m highly favoured, so what’s to worry about?

*I call myself MissMeddle not because I’m nosy (at least, not all the time), but because I have a lot in common with Mr. Meddle. I always felt like he had the best intentions, but was too misunderstood (and too much of a klutz) to actually get things done right.

OK, maybe that’s enough info for one post.


This post is not in response to anything written by Single Nigerian. He sneaked into my head and stole my idea, I promise.



21 thoughts on “Naked

  1. I luv ur nakedness sweetie. *winks*

    & u jst hav 2 see “MY NAME IS KHAN”. It’s d best movie I’v eva watched, plus it made me cry.

    Thank me later. U’r welcome *smiles*

      1. I really wish this was Naija Stories so that King Koboko would have hit back at the ‘whoever you are’ thing… Hmmm. See me talking, who knows what Legs would retort now?

  2. Ahem! Ehm… You’re actually ”half-clothed.” naked should’ve been ”Naked”. No withheld deets. Albeit, not a bad exposรฉ… Ergo, one thumb up. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Marley and Me also brought tears to my eyes. I couldn’t believe it. I cried because of a film about a dog! That’s why I’ve refused to watch it again, even though it remains in my collection.

      1. Not me. If I know a film will make me cry, I won’t watch it. That’s why I’ve refused to watch ‘My name is Khan’, ‘The pursuit of happiness’, and ‘The passion of the Christ’. The only ‘weepy’ film I ever heard about and still watched was Titanic, because it was just three much!

  4. Glad to have stumbled upon your blog, very refreshing!!! the kind of posts, the look and feel and must tell your blog is so much like your name!!! Its definitely contagious.Gonna come back for more!! Happy New Years!!!

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