I Know I Bashed Your Car, But Have You Eaten?

The question has logical origins, I suppose. We Nigerians have always had near-maniacal levels of hospitality etched in our culture. I mean, you have a guest coming from far away, guest gets to the house by say, 2am. The first thing you ask is, "Have you eaten?" then proceed to offer him a wide array... Continue Reading →

How to be a Nigerian Christian

This is a crash course, so I'll just run you through the salient points. First of all, nothing bad is ever meant to happen to you. Anything bad that does happen is the work of your enemies, and everyone knows that enemies will die by fire. Oh, I missed this one. Everyone has enemies whose... Continue Reading →

Saturday Is Wedding Day

Saturday is wedding day. In other parts of the world(I assume), Saturdays are for resting, catching up on personal projects, meeting up with friends and family, or simply recovering from the previous night's hangover. In Nigeria, Saturdays are for weddings. Washing clothes and attending weddings. I hate both. I mean, it's like someone blows a... Continue Reading →


Dave absolutely irritated her. She really wasn't sure why, and didn't care to find an explanation for it. Dipping her head to sip from her wide-brimmed mayrtini glass, she peered at him over its rim. Bella mumbled “Mumu guy” under her breath and turned around to look at other people. It was a work do,... Continue Reading →

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