13 Things They Don’t Tell You About Working in Customer Service

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For the most part, working in Customer care is:

1. Having waves of malicious mouth odour wash over you by 9.15am when you are premenstrual and nauseous and want to lie down. Oh, and you have to smile through this biological attack and wait until the source is safely out of view before dousing yourself in air freshener.

2. Realizing that you are actually just a glorified errand girl/receptionist/nanny/mummy/court jester. 

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The Abuja Arts and Crafts Village

First of all, hi guys! You must know that I love you even though I have a rather ridiculous way of showing it. Second of all, thank you to the few people who take this blog seriously and wander over here every once in a while to look at the pretty animals or even to cuss me out for being so stingy with posts. Mwah!
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I’m the last of six children and we all lived together with our mom. I grew up accustomed to feeling the presence of others; always knowing that “someone is around”. When I hit puberty, I was grateful that my family, though religious, was still liberal enough to let me stay home from church once in a while, whenever I said I didn’t want to go. I craved that solitude back then; the knowledge that nobody else was around. The thrill of strange noises caused by unknown and possibly macabre agents.
I never lived outside of home during my school years, the main reason being that our house at the time was actually a trekkable distance from my campus. It was therefore impractical of me to schlep all the way to the hostels, which were even farther away than the school. Also, staying on campus would incur expenses that would be both cringeworthy and painfully unecessary for my mother. I knew all this, so I never pushed. Continue reading


Warm Bodies

Chika spread her legs wider apart and ran her hands leisurely over his back.
“Mmmm….”, her moan trailed off as he pushed slowly inside her, trying to bury his whole body inside of hers.
Closing her eyes, she traced her fingertips lightly down his arms; shoulders to wrists, and thought about those other arms. The original arms. Those arms with the leather bracelet around the left wrist. The bracelet she would hold on to while the rest of the body attached to those arms pinned her in a position like this one. And the eyes would stare soulfully into hers. Those lips would mouth, “I love you, baby”, even as he thrust hard and sweet, deeper into her, aiming for her heart and soul…
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Movie Review: Doctor Bello



So I finally watched this movie last night. Forgive me, it’s just hard to get new Nollywood movies in the backend of nowhere. Where I live 🙂

The story initially centres around Sam, an 8 year old boy living with cancer in New York. Dr. Durant (Isiah Washington) is his oncologist and a Nigerian nurse (I can’t remember her name and honestly can’t be arsed to re-watch and find out) is one of his caregivers. When his condition deteriorates, he goes into a coma for about three weeks. Around this time, Dr. Durant’s wife (Vivica Fox) quits the marriage because she feels that he no longer gives her attention after they lost their 10 year old daughter to cancer 3 years previously. Continue reading


The Best Word Ever Invented! (2)

Lightning Storm Over DC - Good Effort.

Lightning Storm Over DC – Good Effort. (Photo credit: Mo Kaiwen 莫楷文)

She sat hunched over the fireplace, shielding her son from the cold. He was already dozing off, dear thing. She sneezed as quietly as she could, so as not to wake him, and rocked him slowly and gently, almost to the rhythm of the howling wind outside. The rain showed no signs of letting up.

In the silence of the storm and the wood crackling cheerfully in the fire, the old wooden front door swung open in fractions, creaking at every stage. She kept on rocking with no reaction.

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