13 Things They Don’t Tell You About Working in Customer Service

For the most part, working in Customer care is: 1. Having waves of malicious mouth odour wash over you by 9.15am when you are premenstrual and nauseous and want to lie down. Oh, and you have to smile through this biological attack and wait until the source is safely out of view before dousing yourself... Continue Reading →

The Abuja Arts and Crafts Village

First of all, hi guys! You must know that I love you even though I have a rather ridiculous way of showing it. Second of all, thank you to the few people who take this blog seriously and wander over here every once in a while to look at the pretty animals or even to... Continue Reading →


For you, OA 🙂 Stretch. Scissors the legs. Hands clench buttocks. Backs arched. Sweat meeting sweat. Exertion. Aaaah. Eager for punishment. Begging to be tortured. Colours. Colours. Lights and sound. Blur. Blur. Nails scratching back.i Lift. Thrust. Push. Mmmm. Ragged breath. Jagged gasp. Animal grunt. Clasp. Smack. Tweak. Grope. Silent deafening applause. Finale. P.S. Suggested... Continue Reading →

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