Passion. It was sorely lacking in Kiru's life. Stuck with her near-predictable boyfriend and mundane job, she often wished that excitement would creep up and bite her in the ass, just this once. She decided to spend Independence Day on her own. She went to a corner of the Old Market that she'd never been … Continue reading Red


And Then There Were Boobs…

DISCLAIMER: I am typing this post straight from my fuzzy brain; I usually don't do this, but this has been on my mind all week but I've had too many interruptions so I felt I'd pull a Nike and "Just Do It". Do enjoy.     Well, so there I was, all small and carefree, … Continue reading And Then There Were Boobs…

Take Me To Ida

                                                                                        Kogi State NYSC Camp Batch "A", 2008 It had been a long Tuesday afternoon. They'd all been on various queues since morning, pushing and shoving and hissing at each other. He was vaguely conscious of her standing in front of him. There was a fresh surge of complaints and grumbling and shoving and suddenly, her … Continue reading Take Me To Ida