Keeping Your BFF

Here are some tips about best friends I wrote down a while ago: -Keep the amebo flowing. Gossip is the grease that oils the cogs of the world. It is not to be underestimated. - Though distance separates you, communication is key. - When you deliver your gist, be sure to make it media-rich. Include... Continue Reading →

Crossing Lines

Being anything other than friends was an idea that had never occurred to her. Which is why she didn’t really see anything wrong in walking down the stretch of wooded road with him that evening, holding his hand, talking, laughing, and leaning into him now and then. They had done this countless times before. Theirs... Continue Reading →

Take Me To Ida

                                                                                        Kogi State NYSC Camp Batch "A", 2008 It had been a long Tuesday afternoon. They'd all been on various queues since morning, pushing and shoving and hissing at each other. He was vaguely conscious of her standing in front of him. There was a fresh surge of complaints and grumbling and shoving and suddenly, her... Continue Reading →


Talk is cheap(they say) and they lie. Talk is talk; not everyone can. Words don't hurt(they say) and they lie. Talk is talk; and pierces the soul. But talk(being talk) could all be lies Untrue words; a dime three dozen. It's the talk unheard that seals the kiss.

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