Keeping Your BFF

Here are some tips about best friends I wrote down a while ago: -Keep the amebo flowing. Gossip is the grease that oils the cogs of the world. It is not to be underestimated. - Though distance separates you, communication is key. - When you deliver your gist, be sure to make it media-rich. Include … Continue reading Keeping Your BFF


Crossing Lines

Being anything other than friends was an idea that had never occurred to her. Which is why she didn’t really see anything wrong in walking down the stretch of wooded road with him that evening, holding his hand, talking, laughing, and leaning into him now and then. They had done this countless times before. Theirs … Continue reading Crossing Lines

Denial (Not Just A River In Egypt)

I should let you go... I sleep alone even when I sleep with you. I should let you go... but I probably won't. Serena opened her door and froze for a few minutes, trapped in the sunlight streaming in around his silhouette. Steve! "Steve?", she heard her voice croak. Saw herself move aside to let … Continue reading Denial (Not Just A River In Egypt)