Shiny things around my ankles. Slippery but sure, Soft, wet; strong. Ropy moisture around my wrists. Reed-thin but durable, Reliable; tried and true. Bound, gagged, cuffed. Trapped, caught, tricked. Blessed, cursed; bewitched. You've got your tentacles all over me. P.S. I'm dedicating this to Dude, Dudaayyy and young Master Puffington. May love-tentacles forever bind y'all. … Continue reading Tentaculus


Once Upon Me…

Once upon a time, when I used to read, I'd stick myself in a book and not come out till I'd caressed the back cover and lovingly hugged the front to my bosom. Once upon a time, when I used to laugh with my head flung back; my entire being carrying the effervescent joy carefully, … Continue reading Once Upon Me…

Adventures of MissMeddle: Toad Eyes and I

    DISCLAIMER: This is another post straight from head to blog. You have been warned.   So sometime in the recent past,  I was invited to a party going on not too far from my house. In true Joy fashion, I promptly resolved not to go: I would rather lay curled up in a … Continue reading Adventures of MissMeddle: Toad Eyes and I