Bring Back Our…

Bring back our children. That's how we started. With shrieks of grief Tears of pain And silences of confusion. Nothing. Bring back our girls. The whole world protested. With famous faces drawn, Placards and banners unfurled Red; splashed across the news. Nothing. Bring back our... Nah, our children are women now. Our daughters are mothers … Continue reading Bring Back Our…


Why I’m a Coward

There has been an eerie silence on the blog for a while... I'll try to explain that. First of all, an uncertain number of girls went on an unplanned excursion with a handful of deranged bad guys, and the Nigerian government did fuck all about it. Pardon my French; it's a bit rusty. Now, it … Continue reading Why I’m a Coward

Undue Harvest

It was sunny and bright, Dusty breeze and light. You were fussing again, Putting me through unjust strain. Later, we sat in class, All so carefree... but alas! The sun shone no more No laughter as before. Screams, wails, frantic running Mindless struggling to get away. Killers, they’re killers, Slitting unripe throats, Blasting holes in … Continue reading Undue Harvest

The Truth Inside

Dr. Uren sat in her office, sighing deeply and looking around at the paperwork decorating almost every available surface. She sighed again as she remembered that Dr. Sam wouldn't even be around to help her with any of it. He'd gone on vacation with his wife of two years, the lucky bugger. She sighed again, … Continue reading The Truth Inside