The Professionals

  “This girl, you keep trying me, abi?” Dave asked, looking down the proffered cleavage. Angela laughed teasingly, still using her arms to push her breasts together, a coquettish smile playing on her pretty face. Damn. Dave swallowed desperately. Damn. “I do it because I know you can handle it. You’re a biiig boy.” She … Continue reading The Professionals


Blank Page

15-06-2008   Blank page.   Inspired by a blank page Tempted... To rage, Or to write like a sage?   All in all, Pinned to the wall One must cover the blank page.   Tasking, Taxing, How it lays there Without a care.   Nonchalant, Indifferent. Causing distress In its eagerness to be impressed.   … Continue reading Blank Page