Passion. It was sorely lacking in Kiru's life. Stuck with her near-predictable boyfriend and mundane job, she often wished that excitement would creep up and bite her in the ass, just this once. She decided to spend Independence Day on her own. She went to a corner of the Old Market that she'd never been … Continue reading Red

The Professionals

  “This girl, you keep trying me, abi?” Dave asked, looking down the proffered cleavage. Angela laughed teasingly, still using her arms to push her breasts together, a coquettish smile playing on her pretty face. Damn. Dave swallowed desperately. Damn. “I do it because I know you can handle it. You’re a biiig boy.” She … Continue reading The Professionals

A Life Less Ordinary: Thinking Thinkings

28-05-2012 Being that I refuse to blog anonymously, it follows that my hands are tied when it comes to relaying detailed gossip about all the colourful characters in my life. Well, some kind of compromise will have to be reached as I've been feeling a tad bit... shall we say stressed out? about life in … Continue reading A Life Less Ordinary: Thinking Thinkings