The Wedding


   For my only Tunde.

Kola stood at the altar, struggling to conceal the nervousness drumming in his ears. He stared out at the edgy, anxious faces of his friends and family looking up at him, as though waiting for some kind of an explanation.

He frowned and shifted his feet around a bit. His palms were drowning in their own sweat, his heart was thumping at an alarming speed and he was battling the nausea threatening to overwhelm him. Surreptitiously glancing at the clock, he gave a muffled groan of despair, trying to keep his face expressionless.

This was already 10:42am. Where was she? Kola tried to calm himself down. He prayed quietly, as he had been doing since 10 o’clock, begging God to just keep her safe. Even if she wanted to jilt him, he just prayed that she was OK wherever she was…

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