Once Upon Me…

Once upon a time,

when I used to read,

I’d stick myself in a book

and not come out till I’d caressed the back cover

and lovingly hugged the front to my bosom.

Once upon a time,

when I used to laugh

with my head flung back;

my entire being carrying the effervescent joy carefully,

in a bottle of contentment.

Once upon a time,

when I’d cry with my whole soul;

whatever I cried for meant the world to me,

and the tears were meaningful,

and inspiring.

Once upon a time,

when I had friends whom I loved fiercely,

and dosed myself with their company regularly.

Once upon a time,

when I believed in trust,

and the power of tender emotions,

and gave of myself as best I knew how.

Once upon a time,

when life was just a string of adventures to be had,

and the world was a safe, beautiful place.

Once upon a time, darling,

I was me.

Once Again

I’m throwing my bouquet of experience behind me,

knowing that my future self will catch it;

a sign of newness to come.


Denial (Not Just A River In Egypt)


Withered rose (Photo credit: Judy **)

I should let you go…

I sleep alone

even when I sleep with you.

I should let you go…

but I probably won’t.

Serena opened her door and froze for a few minutes, trapped in the sunlight streaming in around his silhouette. Steve!

“Steve?”, she heard her voice croak. Saw herself move aside to let him in.

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Chasing Shadows

Chasing shadows

My dad died when I was six. Well, six and a half; I was big on halves then. Anyway, he died. And whether as a result of too much TV or an already over-active imagination, I used to “see” him sometimes. Always at night. Always in dim-lit rooms. He would just stand there, half-smiling; male Mona Lisa. And I would stare with eyes saucer-wide and tiny heart swollen and pounding furiously.

I don’t know how the mini obsession started, but start it did. I was suddenly convinced that he hadn’t just gone, convinced that I was more special to him than everyone else. Convinced that there was a hidden love letter from him, some kind of message in a bottle, if only I’d be smart enough to figure out where. Continue reading



To be honest, I haven’t been able to muster up enough courage or joy to post about the things I love.
Everyone is going on about the fuel subsidy removal and I feel lost and even more confused. Does no one else see? Is no one else bothered?
This country is a shambles and no one seems to mind.
What about all those who’ve been killed? All those who are still being killed? All those who will be killed if nothing is done asap??!
The fuel subsidy removal cannot affect Nigerians if they are dead.
Just thought to ask out loud.