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Grace could barely hold her head up by the time she walked through her front door. It had been a terrible day at work at the call center, and the very last thing she wanted to hear was another human being going on about himself.
Firmly locking the door behind her (her neighbour’s kids were playing outside), she left a trail of clothes on the floor and sank gratefully into the delicious comfort that was her bed.
She only realized that her phone was in her hand when it rang shrilly, Eva Alordiah’s Lights Out piercing the peace of her fatigue.
“Hello “, she managed to croak.
“So even after you saw my missed calls, you couldn’t call back, abi? Honestly, you don’t respect me at all. Six missed calls fa!”
Shifting the phone away from her ear, she eyed it viciously, wishing he could see the annoyance she felt. Grace didn’t bother trying to explain how hectic her day had been.
She calmly ended the call and shut her eyes wearily. She really ought to fully break up with that dude. He was getting on her last nerve.
A text announced itself cheerily and she sighed in anticipation of more trouble. But no, it wasn’t from him. It was from him. Her “secret admirer” who’d been texting her for a couple weeks now. It was mostly poetry, and he made sure to switch off his phone  immediately after texting so she couldn’t call him back.
Grace smiled after reading, switched off her phone, and fell hopelessly, desperately, aggressively asleep.


This is a phone post, so please forgive the shoddy nature of it all.

Happy New Year!!!



Good intentions don't always come out right. Life gets in the way of the best laid plans and emotions are always fickle, yet powerful enough to change everything... Enjoy.

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