13 Things They Don’t Tell You About Working in Customer Service

For the most part, working in Customer care is: 1. Having waves of malicious mouth odour wash over you by 9.15am when you are premenstrual and nauseous and want to lie down. Oh, and you have to smile through this biological attack and wait until the source is safely out of view before dousing yourself... Continue Reading →

Interblanketary Migration

Photo credit: ihdwallfree.com The border is the thin space  Between twin beds The visas are willing bodies  Lightly toasted  In the oven of desire  The passports are  Lusty looks exhanged Rolled over and inspected In the dim lighting of Visceral hunger  Customs check involves  Prodding tongues  Groping fingers  Patting down secret places  In search of... Continue Reading →

Seven Things They Didn’t Tell You About Love

Premise: you'll float through life humming your "relationship song" which is mushy and sweet and describes your love perfectly. Reality: You’ll walk around singing Stereoman's Sample Ekwe under your breath, because that's what the guy you love loves. Sample Ekwe. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLEZr3MUcnA Seriously. (Meanwhile, he was the original Iyanya, lookit some of those moves.) Premise: You... Continue Reading →

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